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Easy as 1,2,3...

Once you experience first-hand how easy it is to use i-fix, you'll never go back.


Tell us what you need

Take a picture or video of the problem and add a description.


Get quotes

Review multiple bids from repairmen and select the one of your choosing.


Pay fast and easy

Pay either in-app or using cash, whichever your preference is.


Repairs made easier

Have a look at what makes i-fix special.


Comprehensive Service List

Our team has curated a list of 20 select services across a wide field of professions.

Users are required to select the service required from a list of offered services; this is the first step of posting a job through i-fix. This allows i-fix to notify the relevant repairmen in the vicinity so they can submit their individual quotes.

Similarly, Repairmen registered on i-fix are also required to select the services they offer from the service list. This allows them to be notified only for jobs relevant to their offered services.

Repairmen are free to add or remove their offered services at any time from within their profile settings.


Realtime Messaging Service

We understand the importance of communication and have built a chat service built-into i-fix that allows Customers and Repairmen to communicate on a per-job basis.

Sometimes the pictures provided by the Customer aren't clear enough for the Repairman who would like a closer look at the problem, or sometimes the Repairman has to purchase replacement parts and wants to show the customer to make a decision.

i-fix hs both parties covered with the in-app chat service which has full media capabilities.

We also encourage both Customers and Repairmen to use this in-app chat for all communication to ensure easy conflict resolution by our Customer Support team in case there are any misunderstandings.


Quick e-Invoices

We have built an in-app invoicing system which allows Repairmen to send invoices to Customers effortlessly.

Upon job completion, Repairmen can issue invoices to Customers from the comfort of their smartphones. The invoices are broken down into 3 categories; Callout, Material & Labour and includes a Note field which allows the Repairman to add any details explaining the issued invoice or breaking down costs further.

Customers are notified once an invoice has been issued by the Repairman so they can proceed with payment.

Repairmen can edit the invoice at any time as long as the Customer has not confirmed the invoice amount.


Earn money for your work

Are you good with your hands? Do you have a knack for fixing stuff? Sign up to be an i-fix Repairman and get access to all the posted jobs in your area.

  • 1
    Create Profile

    Creating a Repairman Profile is simple; Select the services you offer from our list of services, Select the cities you would like to receive jobs from, Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do and that's it!

  • 2
    Quote on Jobs

    As a registered Repairman, you can browse through all the posted jobs relevant to you and quote on as many jobs as you like (Quotes aren't restrictive and the final invoice can be more or less than the original quoted price). Once your quote is approved by the Customer, you will be notified and you can proceed to chat with the Customer.

  • 3
    Get Paid

    Once you have completed the assigned job and issued the invoice to the Customer, the Customer can proceed to either pay you in-app or in cash. It is that simple!


20 comprehensive Services to choose from

Have a look at all the services i-fix offers.

Air Conditioning
Auto Mechanic
Electronic Gadget Repair
Garbage Disposal
General Worker
Glass & Aluminium Works
Home Appliance Repair
Home Security
Interior Design
Swimming Pool

What our users have to say


Frequently Asked Questions

What is i-fix?

i-fix is a multi-platform system created by Trasso Sdn Bhd, providing a solution for users requiring repairs/maintenance to repairmen through the comfort of their smartphones. i-fix makes it incredibly easy for customers to post jobs for repairs or home-improvements, such as plumbing, electrical work, painting, air-conditioning, cleaning, gardening etc. When a customer has created a job, all registered repairmen active in the area will be notified about the job and will be able to submit their individual quotes for the customer to choose from.
Registered repairmen on i-fix have complete access to all posted jobs related to their offered services for them to browse and quote on.

Is i-fix free to use?

For general users, i-fix is completely free to use; No subscription & no recurring/hidden fees.
For repairmen, a one-time registration fee applies which includes an RM50 rebate into their Security Deposit account. Once they have been assigned to a job, An amount will be temporarily locked from their Security Deposit account to ensure proper job completion. Once the job is complete, if the Customer pays by credit/debit card, the locked amount is released back into the Security Deposit account and the i-fix Service Fee is deducted from the bill to the Customer. If the payment is in cash, the Service Fee is deducted from the locked deposit amount and any remainder released back into the Security Deposit account.

If I have a Company/Repair Business, can I register my staff as Repairmen for multiple Jobs?

Absolutely! You just have to sign up for a repairman account on i-fix and add all the Services your employed repairmen offer as well as all the Regions your repairmen are active in. You can then proceed with quoting on submitted jobs and once you are hired by a Customer, you can use the in-app Chat to send the Customer details/picture of your Repairman you will be sending over to perform the repair.
You will have complete access to the status of the job and can chat with the Customer to request more details and even send an invoice once the job is complete; all in-app within i-fix.

What is the Repairman Security Deposit?

At i-fix we take our job very seriously and we expect the same level of seriousness and professionalism from our registered repairmen. The security deposit is to ensure that all repairmen complete the jobs they are hired to do within i-fix with maximum professionalism.
This is why a small amount is locked from the Security Deposit every time a repairman is hired to do a job by a Customer within i-fix. This serves as insurance in case the repairman decides to cancel the job without good reason or uses the app with any other ill intentions. Also, if the repairman is paid by the customer in cash, the i-fix Service Fee is deducted from the locked amount before the remainder (if any) is released back into the Security Deposit account.
You can read more about the Security Deposit HERE.

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