Service Fulfilment Policy

Repairman Deposit

  1. Repairman pays i-fix RM50 as a security deposit using credit card/direct debit
  2. i-fix acknowledges deposit payment and reflects deposit amount of RM50 into Repairman's deposit account on i-fix.

User Wallet Top-up

  1. User pays i-fix the amount they wish to top-up into their wallet in multiples of 5 with a minimum amount of RM10 using credit card/direct debit
  2. i-fix acknowledges wallet top-up payment and reflects top-up amount into User's wallet on i-fix.

Job Payment

  1. Repairman completes the job he was hired to do by the User and issues an invoice via i-fix to the User.
  2. User accepts the invoice issued by the Repairman and pays invoice amount to i-fix via credit card/direct debit.
  3. i-fix acknowledges the job payment made by the User and deducts RM10 fee from the amount paid by the User and tops-up the remaining amount to the Repairman's account on i-fix.