Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions for us; We have answered some of the common ones below. Feel free to email us if you have anything else you want to ask.

What is i-fix?

i-fix is a multi-platform system created by Trasso Sdn Bhd, providing a solution for customers to connect to a repairman through their smartphone. i-fix makes it incredibly easy for customers to post a job for repairs or home-improvements, such as plumbing, electrical work, painting, air-conditioning, cleaning, gardening etc. When a customer has created a job, all registered repairmen active in the area will be notified about the job and will be able to submit their individual quotes for the customers to choose from.

i-fix Repairmen can also access the Repair-O-Sphere, a marketplace for posted jobs of your specified service for you to browse and bid by submitting your estimates.

Is i-fix free to use?

i-fix offers a free to download platform from both Google Play and App Store.

For the Customers, it is completely free to use; No subscription fees, No monthly/yearly/hidden fees.*

For Repairmen, Once they have been assigned to a job, RM10 will be temporarily locked from their deposit account to ensure proper job completion. Once the job is complete, if the Customer pays by credit/debit card, the locked amount is released back into the Deposit account and the service fee of RM10 is deducted from the Repairman’s bill to the Customer. If the payment is in cash, the locked deposit amount is deducted from the Deposit account.

Besides this, there are No hidden fees, No pay-to-Quote.

*terms and conditions apply

What penalties does i-fix charge?

The Repairman deposit serves as a security that people use the app with the best intentions. It is used when a Repairman cancels an already assigned job or in other ways uses the app with ill intentions. (Penalty fee for cancellation is RM5)(Using the app with ill intentions can cost between RM5 - RM20 and result in blacklisting or banning the user from using the app.

Repairmen Cancellation: RM5, will be deducted from their deposit account.

For Customers, cancelling a job after hiring a Repairman incurs a penalty of RM5 which is deducted from their i-fix Wallet (Cancelling a posted job before hiring a Repairman incurs no penalty). In case the Customer has 0 balance in their Wallet, a negative charge is placed on the Wallet. Each customer is allowed a maximum negative balance of RM15 (3 cancelled jobs) before their account is locked from posting any more jobs before they top-up their Wallet to cover the negative balance.

Customer Wallet top-ups are fixed at RM10, RM20, RM50 & RM100

If I have a Company, can I register my staff as Repairmen for multiple Jobs?

If you own a Company with multiple Repairmen and want to use i-fix, all you have to do is register for a Repairmen Account using your Company name.

You may set multiple Services and start bidding on Cases posted. Once your bid is accepted, you should send a Picture or Profile of the Repairman you will assign to do the Job over i-fix’s in app messaging to the Customer.

Payment is then made as per normal to your account.

Repairman Deposit

Deposit - RM50

Why do I pay a deposit?

When a repairman creates a profile, they are required to place a deposit of minimum RM50. This deposit serves as a security to ensure professional behavior from the repairmen as well as to pay i-fix their service fee of RM10 when the repairmen are hired/assigned to a job. It is also used to deduct a penalty in case the repairman cancels an assigned job or uses the app with ill intentions.

Why is this important?

i-fix wants to be a household name for repairs in Sarawak, and want to make sure that the repairmen using the app not only sees i-fix as a professional platform/tool for them to grow their business, but also to keep a professional figure and obligation towards themselves. Keeping a deposit, obligates people to do the right thing in order to create value through the platform i-fix provides.

What happens to my deposit if I terminate my account?

If you choose terminate your account as a repairman with i-fix, the remaining amount of your deposit will be deposited into your account.

Example: Remaining deposit upon termination: RM50 → return of RM50 into your account.* (you will receive what is left of the deposit).

*terms and conditions apply

What happens if my deposit reaches RM0?

If your deposit reaches RM0 or have a negative balance, you will be asked to top-up your deposit account or balance out the negative. A minimum deposit balance of RM20 is needed in order to bid/quote on jobs.

Deposit top-up is fixed at RM50 per top-up.

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